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Reading: Chapter 2 of “Stunning CSS3”

From reading this chapter I learned how to style speech bubbles in CSS. I am not sure how to code an actual website with working comment section, but it is very useful for websites that already have a comment section. This way if a website already has a comment section (like a blog with comments) I could make that look like speech bubbles.
It is all smoke and mirrors! The tail on the speech bubble is completely made in CSS and rotated around and placed right in that section of the text box to make it look as if it were a speech bubble.
CSS is a monster and I really want to know a lot more! It is amazing all the things you can do with it. Also, It is interesting to me how different browsers have little differences in the coding (ie. Webkit, Moz, O). They are little details that a true web designer would know to make sure a website he designed works in every browser.